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  • Thulazshini Tamilchelvan

    Thulazshini Tamilchelvan

    When I’m not writing, I rely on my art and pictures to paint my thousand words.

  • Steph Smith

    Steph Smith

    Head of Pubs @Toptal | Maker eunoia.world, begreat.me, & femake.tech | Remote work | twitter.com/stephsmithio | Read more: http://blog.stephsmith.io

  • Elizabeth Howell Hanano

    Elizabeth Howell Hanano

    Investor | Consultant | Entrepreneur | Specialties: Tech, Consumer, Industrials

  • Miklos Philips

    Miklos Philips

    User Experience

  • Tanzir Rahman

    Tanzir Rahman

    Product Designer L2; designing polymorphic apps. I write about design, data, engineering, hacking and startups. • tanziro.com

  • Dylan Langlois

    Dylan Langlois

    Purpose Driven Marketer. Marketing @ The Mission

  • Lacey Peace

    Lacey Peace

    Editor-in-Chief at The Mission — Your #1 Source for Accelerated Learning.

  • Mission


    Stories & podcasts that make smart people smarter: www.Mission.org. The Mission Daily: www.apple.co/2KMXjhQ. The Story podcast: www.apple.co/2HEcveQ.

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