• Deji O

    Deji O

  • Tanzir Rahman

    Tanzir Rahman

    Product Designer L2; designing polymorphic apps. I write about design, data, engineering, hacking and startups. • tanziro.com

  • Naresh Selvarasu

    Naresh Selvarasu

    Creating courses and MOOCs using Agile and Scrum practices. LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/naresh-selvarasu

  • Marc Mancuso

    Marc Mancuso

    Marketing Expert for 20 years teaching online courses to others who wish to learn the art of SEO in 2020.

  • Cawin Chan

    Cawin Chan

    Eat, Sleep, Research, Repeat. https://www.linkedin.com/in/cawin-chan. Support: https://cawin-chan.medium.com/membership

  • Seimi Adams

    Seimi Adams

    https://theduchessherself.wordpress.com Here to learn and inform.

  • Fredrik Carleson

    Fredrik Carleson

    Twenty years plus of continuous professional expertise in the information technology sector working in the private sector and United Nations in Europe and Asia.

  • Israel Santiago

    Israel Santiago

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